Andrey Stanev
Bulgarian National Champion,
Ballroom and Latin Dance,
(212) 256-1736.

Let Andrey Stanev create an exciting and energizing professional dance performance for your next event.

Dear Event Planner:

If you have ever seen a real dancer in person, then you know how special and exhilarating the experience can be. My name is Andrey Stanev, and I want to bring to your organization this wonderful form of live entertainment…the grace, beauty and art of a professional dance performance…through a special event guaranteed to get you the attention you want.

As an award-winning professional dancer, I perform for audiences around the world. With all original choreography, I bring a unique brand of showmanship, style and elegance to each of my performances. But I also believe that dance should be fun, full of energy and most of all, exciting to watch. My partners and I are trained in a wide variety of dance styles, and I can customize the length and theme of each performance to fit the requirements of your organization. All you need to do is provide a venue with a suitable dance floor…I’ll provide the rest.

If you are interested in having Professional Dancer to partner all the Guests on the dance floor call for details.

You can reach me by phone at (212) 256-1736 to make arrangements for a performance. Once you do book me, I will provide photos and other promotional materials to help build excitement and anticipation about the upcoming event.

I look forward to bringing an exciting mix of elegance, style and fun to your organization’s event.

Andrey Stanev
(212) 256-1736.